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Don't trade the 5D for a M8

The issue is not really advantages and shortcomings. If you think it that way, the DSLR has way more advantages than any rangefinder.
Why DSLR's outsell rangefinders br far?

A Leica has no autofocus, no zooms, very limited range of lenses, using it for flash photography will convert you in a big fan of natural light.
Another big difference, the PRICE of bodies and lenses.

What other users are trying to tell you is that there is way more than advantages and shortcomings.

Photography is never just equipment, you have to consider the photographer in the equation.

I love my mother, but she is incapable of using a Leica. She can take much better pictures with any cheap point-and-shoot.

If you have no experience with a rangefinder, borrow one or buy a cheap one, anyone is cheaper than a Leica. I would borrow one because you can probably find an old one with a relative or friend. Or buy a used one for less than $50. 50 years ago rangefinders were very popular. The idea is to give you a chance of learning to use a rangefinder before commiting lots of $$$.

There is a steep learning curve. Forget automation, it forces you to do everything manually. It is a camera that forces you to concentrate in photography. You can't take pictures without thinking. You are forced to think more on composition, illumination, focusing, framing, etc...
You lose the luxury of just pointing and pushing a button.

This is why the whole experience is very different from a DSLR.And it is a big ifference.

Not everybody likes it. Most people don't like it (explainig the popularity of DSLR's).

Trying with a cheap rangefinder allows you the same experience without commiting the $$$$.

I started with a SuperIkonta and upgraded to a Leica M4 well before using the first SLR.

the transition from rangefinder to a SLR was very easy, but I quickly realized that depending on the situation I preferred one over another.

On the versatility side, SLR's are way superior always. But for the pleause of taking pictures, the psicological experience is way more rewarding

with a rangefinder. Compare the LEICA forum to the CANON forum. The Leica users ae always showing their pictures and having fun on taking them.

The Canon users are gearheads that make me wonder if they ever use their equipment before trading it up.

My Leica M4 is 34 years old, very worn and used but I never felt the need to upgrade it.

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