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Re: nobody believes you


Quite a few of us believe you and other on these matters. It remains better to speak, and speak truthfully, than to remain silent.


DavidPisback wrote:
Nobody believed me back when I had the 1D's (or with the multiple
lens copies of my own and friends that I've witnessed first hand).

Why should you be any different?

Of course, who knows if Nikon is really any better?

Markuson wrote:

Their quality control is absolutely in the toilette...and anyone who
denies that is sleeping. How many people are on their third or
fourth copy of a 100-400? How many people had the same with a 24-70?

How many times have you had to listen to one more post asking the
LEGITIMATE question, "Did you get a GOOD COPY of L lens?" Or, "I
hope you get a good copy."


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