My Bro just dropped off a D3 at my door....

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Re: take the d3

You have a good point about the price holding in the long run....I think the D3 will still hold a good price for years to come even though Im getting a great break on it...I could w8 for the D3x but not sure I even need all thats in the D3...

Just thinking about having to buy another lens ugghhhh at 1800 bucks...Im still thinking about it because I would love to have the 24-70.

Im no where close to being an amature nor pro but enjoy using good equipment and having fun

jims photos wrote:

5 years down the road the trade value of the d3 will be higher
percentage wise than the d700. All probodies hold there value better
than the prosumer bodies.

The d700 sounds real close to the d3 but the 100% view finder 2nd
card slot a much longer life shutter just to name a few reinforced my
d3 purchase. You bet nikon has a few more tricks up it's
sleeve........just wait enjoy your d3 in the

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