New Nikon DSLRs Ahead?

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Re: It's dumb, I know, but I'll play

bobn2 wrote:

More likely simplification of D300 rather than D80 update. The CMOS
sensor requires completely different camera electronics. D90 should
be upmarket of current D80.

That would be a likely scenario and my prediction, as well.

I think Nikon 24MP sensor, not Sony. Look at the rumour (incorrect)
that the D700 had 2.5 FPS 14 bit mode, and think whether 1.5 FPS 14
bit would be acceptable for D3x.
But Nikon's more aggressive now. Suppose they've tweaked the D3
electronics to get 5.5 full FPS for the D3x, then retrofit that to
the D3, to give a D3s with 11 FPS all modes. Lift it a bit clear of
the D700.

I'm going to go a different direction: no D3x. Yes, a 24mp FX body, but it'll be the D900. This allows them to use the Sony sensor and bring it downscale to compete with the A900/5DII.

Somewhere in the mix, CMOS at the low end. D300 sensor in a D45, D65,
etc. This will have to be completely new camera (again, CMOS/CCD
incompatibility). Maybe A350 sensor in a D60x as a stopgap.

I don't think they'll do stop gap. They've already taken a D40 promotion, canceled it and moved it to the D60 with the dealer base. The D60 IS the stop gap. No, I think we'll get a full refresh at the bottom of the lineup some time in 2009.

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