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Re: euros and dollars = apples and spinach

dj1967 wrote:

Gas is in fact $11 a gallon (£1.20 a litre, 4.5 litres in Imperial
Gallon). In the UK Gas is in fact 70% tax, we pay duty on the fuel
about 53p (from memory, and then we actually pay VAT on the duty @
17.5% - yeah go figure that out - they tax the tax!)

That's worse than I thought. My estimates were based on a trip to Ireland last May. The differential in gas prices may be very much higher today -- and does vary from country to country

Second ... the cost of living
is much higher over here.

Typically yes. However part of the cost is attributed to vacation benefits, medical benefits, better social benefits and infrastructure repairs. Not to mention better education and public transit benefits. Do you think your government would have responded as poorly to a Katrina style disaster? In the US the military subsidizes much of our infrastructure -- although people are generally aware of this.

Basically I do not believe that the US would stand for this type of
pricing / taxation - they'd be in the streets.

The American public is battered and bruised, but they don't take kindly to having changes shoved down their throats. In the streets? Depends on how quickly the shock waves hit. The mood is ugly but passive.

If you can, take advantage of the retail prices in NY while you may.

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