360 panorama with 8mm/f3.5

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Re: 360 panorama with 8mm/f3.5

Thank you all for your kind words!

I started with the 5 JPEGs (4 shots around and one pointed straight up) out of the camera and loaded them in PTgui. Then set vertical control points to each picture and 3-4 control points between the pictures and run the optimizer with FOV first, then b and shift x/y.Then created the output image at around 6000x3000px.

To fix the nadir (the view straight down where the tripod is) I converted the output (the equirectangular projection) to cube faces with Pano2QTVR 1.6 to allow easy modification (its very difficult to fix things at the top or bottom in a equirectangular projection).

Once the nadir was fixed (I used paint.net, set the transaprency in the color window to about 100. This works excellent for patching.), I converted the cube faces back to the equirectangular JPEG and Quicktime .mov with Pano2QTVR.

The most important step is to get the images takes with a nodal adapter. If the lens is not rotated about the no-paralax-point, you will have a lot of problems with the aligning. Here is a picture of my setup: http://nodalninja.com/forum/index.php?topic=63.0

To publish the panorama, I use the detectVR.js from http://www.devalvr.com/paginas/productos/index.html for the website. If you look at the src of the site http://cpicture.net/digitalVR/lincoln-tower-large.html you can see how this is done.

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