$4000 for the D700

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euros and dollars = apples and spinach

LFMF35mm wrote:

The German magazine says that the price of the D700 will be 2600
Euros or $4000 US.

while you pass the grade for simple math you fail micro-economics.

european prices include hidden taxes and overhead that are required for doing business in Europe. american prices reflect a different reality. as do Canadian prices.

a liter of gas in europe may equate somewhere around $7.80 a US gallon. in California the average is $4.50 US gallon. yet the market rate for a barrel of oil is the same world-wide. if you want to shop the same base rate, you have to get that item at the source and in volume that bears the base price point -- then bring it home. you'll also need to process and service it.

what you pay for something around the globe does not reflect the same base rate, and therefore you will never be able to do a direct 1:1 comparison unless taxes, sales volume, service premiums, and a host of other factors are competitive.

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