Frustrating to be a Canon user these days...

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Frustrating to be a Canon user these days...

I have not been big on bashing Canon in the past, as I still felt to be up to par with most of my gear untill recently. But since the announcement of the D3, it has been quite frustrating to be a Canon 5D shooter.

It probably does not help, that a few of my freinds have jumped to D3's and I have been quite impressed with the usability and features of their cameras.

But it did not stop at the D3 Milestone: Today Nikon announced the D700, new genarations Flashes and T&S Lenses.

And Canon? They are sound asleep! They actualy seem to be in hybernation! And Nikon is just cranking out some amazing cameras and new glas! Even without waiting for Photokina!

Canon still has loads of lenses in the lineup from the early 90's, that were never intended for Digital photography (coatings) and they don't seem to be wanting to improve them. I would love to have a Canon 14-24 f2.8, too!

If I would not have so much Canon Glas, Flashes and other gadgets, I would jump the Nikon train at the time of the next purchase. Now I sit here and hope, that Canon comes up with something more impressive than 14MP, Sensor Cleaning and slight weather sealing for the 5D replacement.

I am finally expecting a real LCD with high resulution, Pro AF, faster Framerate, 14bit, better high ISO performance and a much improved User Interface, as Nikons are so much better to control in the field (outside Buttons and Wheels) without having to go deep into the custom menues.

I am just afraid, that Canon has nothing big up their sleeves as they do not want to narrow the "Pro Gap" to the extremely expensive 1Ds MK III too much.

While the 5D is still capeable camera (don't get me wrong here), time has passed and innovations should find their way into the Canon Premium Amature grade Cameras!

We could get most of our email, word, Excel and internet stuff done with a Pentium III 500 MHz, but we do not want to be left out from the MultiMedia experience and most of us upgraded to more capeable gear. I moved from PC to Mac as it is more appealing for my use. And Canon should realise, that we are not married to them.

I do nor want to start a big flaming discussion here, but I needed to get that off my chest


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