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Re: 16-35, 70-200/2.8 IS plus a prime

Hi Jerry

I looked for your post but couldnt find it, maybe you can post a link here.

As for the 50 macro, I use it nearly exclusively for the rings. Sometimes I'll also use it for some detail on the bride but its mainly the rings

As for the 16-35, its a real favourite of mine but 24 is still pretty wide. I also take a 15FE so you can guess I like wide shots in the mix. The wide really comes into its own when showing a venue or location in all its glory. Remember to keep brides away from the edge of the shot or they will not be happy !

The 15FE adds a real wow to the album and this paired with your 24 would be OK think.
Cheers, Dean

Thanks, Dean. Would you favor me with your thought on my wedding
thread posted just a few minutes ago? The title is "My wedding
photography plan...please tell me if I am insane."

Also, how do you use the 50mm macro at weddings? Do you have planned
shots for it? I have Canon's 100mm macro that a friend could use.

Also, is the 16-35 zoom really useful? How often do you really want
wider than 24mm when shooting a wedding?

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Jerry Fusselman
Sleeping Rainbow, Utah

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