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Re: DOF: big deal

johnnyrush wrote:

Sometimes I wonder why all the OOF parts of an image aren't just
refered to as noise .

Heh...this is kind of off-topic, but you brought it to mind and I had to mention it. A few years ago a camera manufacturer, whose company I won't mention, asked me if I wanted to test one of their HD cameras out on an 8mm telecine project I'd been developing. I wanted to see what kind of results could be obtained shooting an HD image off the gate of an 8mm (not Super-8) projector using a condenser lens and an HD camera. So I'd posted some early tests and one of their reps offered to let me try a prototype of one of their new cameras. I tried it out and I was getting some strange smearing of detail. The rep got me on the phone with one of their engineers and it turned out that this particular camera was using an MPEG encoder that was seeing the film grain as noise and suppressing it. It turned the film grain into these splotchy psychedelic blobs.


Essentially the engineer told me that most of the reps don't understand how the gear works and if they had it wouldn't have been loaned to me.

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