Personal safety in remote areas

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Re: Carrying a gun in a good way to get shot

bikinchris wrote:

Paul W Crouse wrote:

If you are really worried about your personal safety, you should wear
a seat belt, slow down, and quit tailgating. Driving a car is much
more dangerous.

The most common cause of death in the U.S. is BY FAR traffic
crashes.. Traffic crashes kill more people than all other accidental
deaths by far.
10. Machinery
Deaths per year: 350

9. Medical & Surgical Complications and Misadventures
Deaths per year: 500

I think you might need to recheck the numbers on medical mistakes. Medical mistakes are THE number one killer (besides "natural causes") in the USA, and likely most other countries too.

There are many sources. Here's just one.

President Clinton held a press conference shortly before he left office and stated that there are 100,000 deaths caused by medical mistakes, in the USA, every year. There were also many news reports stating the same thing.

The most dangerous/risky thing anyone can do is go to a doctor.

8. Poisoning by gases
Deaths per year: 700
7. Firearms
Deaths per year: 1,500
6. Suffocation
Deaths per year: 3,300
5. Fires and burns
Deaths per year: 3,700
4. Drowning
Deaths per year: 4,000
3. Poisoning by solids and liquids
Deaths per year: 8,600
2. Falls
Deaths per year: 14,900
1. Motor vehicle crashes
Deaths per year: 43,200

Notice that death by wild animal attack did not make the list. Death
by deliverance attack was not part of any list, so I don't have that
statistic, but I seriously doubt it is very high on the list. I am
sure you hear all over the world about each and every stranger
attack. My point in all of this, if you want to live longer, pay
attention to and address the dangers on the list above, excersize and
eat right. Then you will probably die from natural causes.
Chris, Broussard, LA

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