Anyone use D3 LCD screen cover

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Re: Why?????

It's fine if anyone wants to say that the LCD cover imposes disadvantages that they would rather avoid. We all make calculations of risk versus benefit, and as long as the calculations are reasonable it's just part of living.

But there are those who seem to think that "I've had my D3 for "x" months and the LCD is fine, therefore nothing bad can happen, so why worry?" And, there are those who say, "It's TEMPERED GLASS!" as if tempered glass has magical qualities beyond all scientific understanding. Chipping, scratching, and cracking are all possibilities, even with tempered glass. The "tests" with keys mean nothing; I don't have a single key with a sharp edge or point.

For all wishful thinkers I can only hope that they have the best of luck.

The point is that many of us cannot guarantee that the LCD will always be safe and would prefer an ounce of prevention to a pound of cure. For us the question is one of what is available, and the answer is that the Hoodman seems to be a good ounce of prevention of a trouble we would rather avoid (or minimize).

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