z1012is first impressions

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Re: so no one gets the incorrect idea, this is a GOOD CAMERA,

After owning the Z812 for a while, I wasn't really expecting a lot from the video sound quality of the Z1012. But there is an improvement in the sound quality of the Z1012 compared to the unusable sound quality of the Z812. So at least Kodak is on the right track.

prosumer 3 wrote:
So no one gets the incorrect idea,this is a good camera, very fast,
very accurate, great video,and two be clearer on the sound quality i
have run a couple of old p712 video clips i still have, the sound is
better from the z1012is than the p712 so perhaps i was just
expecting to much, BUY ONE, i am sure you will enjoy it, as a last
thought i have the charger and rechargable battery out of hk, great
life and a one hour charge works a treat and cost 17 bucks i think
all up.

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