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Greg Beetham
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Re: The VF/LCD bug

fjbyrne wrote:

Greg Beetham wrote:

fjbyrne wrote:

Not trying to be a sadistic sodomistic necrophile and beat a dead
horse but the bug where the rear LCD will illuminate when my eye is
at the VF drives me crazy. Sony has had 5 chances to fix this (A100,
A700, A200, A350 and A300) and they haven't. This should be fixed
and a firmware update released for ALL cameras, A100 included. If
this can't be fixed with a firmware update then I hate that Sony has
not made their cameras flexible enough from a programming
perspective. Fix that first.

Whoo. I feel better now.

That's one I don't "get" my A100 (and KM5D) both switch off the rear
screen when I bring them up to my face?? most odd.

Try this: Set the multi-selector to the ISO function. Put the
camera up to your eye. Press the Fn button. Does the LCD
illuminate? Mine does and it shouldn't - my cheek can't see. This
is really annoying when you are in a darker venue like a dance
recital. You try to change ISO on the fly and the camera lights up.

Ah, roger that, now I underconstumble...yep it lights up alright...naughty A100 (and KM5D)

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