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Re: Correcting some errors.

3) Perspective is the same for the same lens, though 5D + 135 will be
"flatter" than 40D + 85, even though the FOV is the same.

This is incorrect. Perspective is the same for the same
subject-camera distance, regardless of the format or focal length.
For example, if I took a pic of a scene with a compact digicam at
10mm, or a pic of the same scene with a FF DSLR at 200mm, the
perspectives will be the same, just the framing and DOF will be

That's what I meant, though upon second reading, I can see I wasn't clear about subject-camera distance. I had assumed that as a given.

To elaborate further, for the same subject framing with the 85mm, the subject's face will appear slightly "flatter" on the 40D versus the 5D, due solely to the camera-subject distance being greater on the 1.6x 40D vs. the FF 5D. However, 85mm and 135mm (138mm) are both classic portraiture FF focal lengths.

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