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Re: Why can Sony lenses be price like Canon..

fjbyrne wrote:

Ken_5D wrote:

With no hood etc.

This is a crime and Canon should be bashed at every opportunity for

Maybe even Albinar pricing plastic lenses would give Sony a real
edge in lens pricing!!!

Sony seems to like pricing near Nikon.. Go figure

As long as they are as good or better that's OK with me.

Thinks people hate I don't get

US pricing seems fair.. not a bargain.. but fair

On most stuff - F56AM and the white stuff are out of whack IMO.

SURE... I do get why people don't like this.. but I think this is
going to help get A900's in local pro targeted shops quiker and on
average prices from reputable dealers on all but the F56AM flash have
stayed the same or even gone down

Not for B&H when I compared the latest pre-SURE magazine pricing with
the website. The 70-200 went down from $1999 to $1799 and the F56AM
went up from $309 to $449. All other lenses went up 5-10%. I really
only deal with B&H so I don't know how prices went with others. Now
that the relatively local pro dealer carries Sony I'll likely throw
him some business.

I used which graphs high and low

Things People hate I do get:

Somystyle organization and upkeep is lacking


Customer service appears spotty

Certainly not up to what a pro would expect and demand.

Gold camera needs purple lenses (UofW joke )

Ken_5D - A700

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