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Re: Thanks sony for....

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

(he asked for it!)

Giving us "bionz" RAW
Making the grip sensors on the A700 EU version, non working plastic
For overpricing the A100 and A700 on release

The A100 was the cheapest 10Mp DSLR when it launched. And it sold
very well the first weeks, until the Canikon 10Mp models were out.

For not offering users a new 50mm f1.7

This makes sense. It's only half a stop between it and the 1.4 and
there are too many 1.7s out there that would compete price wise.

For not giving us 300/400mm f4 primes

I think a 400/4 would cost more that you would like to pay. Even if
Canon made it. Canon's 400/5.6 must be around £800 and
one that's a stop faster, would be twice that, I bet. And someone
with a smaller market share would have to ask more since the fixed
costs are spread over fewer lenses.

Not using the Minolta battery

Other makers also introduce new batteries. The 450D, D40, E-400, L10,
K10D all had different batteries than the earlier models. The K10D/20D use
the Minolta batteries though, don't they?

[long list deleted]

Yet you forgot about the features disabled on the new Alphas,
like MLU.

Just my two oere
Erik from Sweden

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