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sandy b
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Good idea

I have a some what irrational dislike of huge multinational giants, like microsoft, walmart, sony, etc.

I also did not like the root kit debacle, although Sony did back off under public presssure.

Things I like about Sony: They have never been afraid to push the envelope. I have owned the 717, 828 and R1. They were all very innovative good products. Not perfect, but very interesting good products. They still push the envelop in their products. The A700 and 350 are very interesting, offering much inovation for good price.

The Sony camera division is really a seperate entity, part of sony, but not "all" of sony. I don't really blame the camera division for the root kit mess.

I didnt stick with sony when I went dslr, but that was because at the time it was very limited.

Today, Sony has come a long way in a short time. Is some of heir glass expensive? yes. Is there IQ just a little behind Canikon? Maybe a small amount. But considering where they came frrom they have made big strides, and when they bring out the A900, they are going to get LOTS of attention. Will it be all positive, no, but the majority of it will probably be positive.

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