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Thanks sony for....

(he asked for it!)

Giving us "bionz" RAW
Making the grip sensors on the A700 EU version, non working plastic
For overpricing the A100 and A700 on release
For not offering users a new 50mm f1.7
For not giving us 300/400mm f4 primes
Or a 70-200mm f4
Or a real UWA non tamron badged zoom
Making the A100 really noisy!
Turning a £65 tamron 55-200mm, into a £170 lens!
Making all your new vertical grips sony only proprietary batteries only
For overcharging for the lithium battery
Not using the Minolta battery
Making their 50mm f1.4 the most expensive out of all 4 makers
For increasing prices on lenses more than 20% over KM
For not giving users enough choice on jpeg NR
Making their new lower end A camera VG's twice the price of rivals

For jacking up the price of the 56 flash to more than either the C&N flashes in the UK

Introducing "SURE" to really kill all those good deals for USA folks! (oh yeah, you just love the new flash price eh??..he he)
For making the CZ 16-80mm so hit and miss QC wise, and so expensive!
For making Ken's life so much fun
For setting up a sony blog, to ignore user requests!
Holding onto MS, when nobody else uses it
For making the A300/350 viewfinders, "worst in class"

For dumping the unique dual dials..and using fisher price buttons on the top plate

Having the worst PR record in the industry, the minds behind rootkits, and dead goat bad taste ads

And the good

The A200 is cheap! yay...
Carl like quick nav
The orange marketing theme is nice..

My new sony slogan

" no other" lol

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