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I hate...

The things I hate:

I hate not having a personal service technician who is willing and capable to service all of my equipment with a 2 business day turn-around. He/She should also have a direct line that I can call whenever I have a question or concern. With the amount of cash I've spent, I deserve this

I hate not knowing more than everyone else.

I hate that the 300/2.8 SSM is out of my reach.

I hate that the bank won't give me 100k to drop on photography equipment.

I hate that Sony doesn't have a decent wide angle and ultra-wide angle lens, ahem, that also has a reasonably fast aperture. We know the wide angle is coming, and who knows, it may be "ultra" wide angle. However, it isn't here, so I can hate it for now.

I hate that the one lovely used lens I have and want to sell hasn't gone up in value since I bought it. Everything else has, so what gives?

Most of all...

I hate people who hate life, and thus only whine, complain, and/or pout about what Sony isn't doing for them on a daily basis. We all have gripes. That doesn't mean we should be constantly talking about them. Life is good for each and every person here. The fact that you can afford a computer, or at least have access to one puts you ahead of billions of less fortunate folks. Complaining about photography equipment on a daily basis just makes you sound petty and pathetic. If you hate this stuff so much, get up off your duff, and do something with your life. Sitting here and complaining isn't getting you anywhere.

Someone needs to start a thread about what we love...I'm feeling pretty positive now that I've vented all the things I hate.
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