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Love to help...but I am busy trying new things with my gear as research...

It started with my F717...I had a hunch that Sony was out to screw me...well; after 4 years and and about 15K images I couldn't quite put my finger on it...

Got the A100 to continue my search; as Sony's master plan for hoodwinking me was still elusive...after several months my investigating still hadn't uncovered anything. I even went so far as to purchase a few excellent copies of legacy Minolta glass - nothing. Oh, there were a few noisy pictures now and again, but that was easily solved with software, or even better, teaching myself how to expose correctly in most cases...I also added the HVL56 to see if that would shed some more light on Sony's trickery...

Still frustrated by my lack of progress in bringing down the evil Sony, I decided that answer must lie in the NR function included with the A700...I purchased the camera in Feb from Sony Style and got a pretty good deal (not BB good). I am sure there is something in the small print that I missed...

I soon added to my gear, pristine copies of the Beercan, Sigma 50 Macro, and the 20/2.8. Then added a 5600 HS(D)...all this stuff for a total of $215.00. I haven't gone down that road yet; but I think there may be a connection between Sony and Craig's List...

I am at a loss...I shoot in manual mode, cRAW, all the time...I process using IDC for my conversions then work the resulting JPEGS in CS2. I have a 19" monitor that I view my images on; and since my eyes are not the same size as a Giant Squid, I try to keep my images at a realistic size when viewing and evaluating. I have images printed following standards with regards to pixels, ppi, and dpi...

Please, can anyone help me? What am I missing? Is it possible that I could turn up my enjoyment just a few notches? What is Sony doing? Is it like exposure to the Sun; the damage only becomes evident after several years?


Okay, for real now - lens prices could be a little better. But I wouldn't worry about that if I had better luck stumbling across deals on CL or EBay.

People need to get there expectations in check...yes they have been making P&S and sensors for years. They have been at this (DSLRs) now what, 2 / 3 years? Give them a chance...Make the best of what you have; instead of worrying about what you don't even have yet. Just take a look at Hyundai...

Step back from your monitors and wipe the nose grease from the screen; just for a minute, try to focus on where the gnat is in the frame and the composition, instead of trying to always see if the gnat has hemorrhoids...


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