My S100fs - Try This ...

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My S100fs - Try This ...

... I shot some ISO1600 images yesterday and was, overall, happy with the results. There was noise, but not too excessive, but it is there.

The camera, for those images, was set to ISO1600/DR400% and Tone, Colour, Sharpness all set to default - Mid.

It did get me thinking though - If I set Tone, Sharpness and Colour to 'low' would I control noise better ?

I had done this before at ISO200/DR200% and was impressed with the increased smoothness of the image, particularly, edge smoothness.

Well I did some test images and have put the results below.

The first four images displayed are 100% crops of approximately 3.5% of the image area (extremely small area). This is worked out by multiplying 53.333 inches by 40 inches and then cropping and measuring the end crop and comparing the percentage difference. The crops are 7.5 x 10 inches and are then resized for display here.

The last two are 100% crops of approximately 8.3% of the original image area. Crops are 11.5 x 15.333 inches and are then resized for display here.

I was tempted to show you the original full size images, but will get killed if I show you the whole images as it is of our little, and (today) untidy, kitchen area :

I did some ISO1600 tests also, but these examples are at ISO400/DR400% and are 1' exposures with the camera propped up.

First image - Default settings, no PP.

Second image - As above with PF and CA correction.

Third image - Settings set to low, no PP.

Fourth image - As above with PF and CA correction AND USM 150, 0.3, 0

Fifth image - Default settings, no PP.

Sixth image - Settings set to low, no PP.

My personal observations, overall detail is still there and the image can now handle a higher degree of sharpening (or other PP), if you desire.

Noise is less, but so also is PF and CA, and edge detail is far smoother.

I will try this further myself, but suggest you try yourself, if you are interested, and see if the results are useful for you.

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Rgds, Dave.
Have fun - take lotsa pix.

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