Sony loses over $3 billion on PS3, wonder how Alpha is doing?

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Re: wrong there

ck3 wrote:

Sonn Franken wrote:

In the Netherlands they remove the kitlens a lot, since a great
number of people buy the @ body only and chose different lenses,
Tamrons and Sigmas go well.

Be that as it may, wouldn't you agree that the great majority of DSLR
buyers won't spend much money on lenses, especially the more
expensive ones? Especially if we are talking about the target group
for the entry level models. When Canon recently announced how many
EOS-mount lenses they had sold since 1988 (1987?) someone pointed out
that that number was only slightly higher than the number of
EOS-bodies sold in that period.

You are right in that regard that many entry DSLR owners have not (yet) spend a great deal on lenses. But the kitlens in The Netherlands is often left out; people buy the body and look for another lens but that kitlens. But the buying of lenses goes gradually, according need and budget. There aint much people that go and buy a cam, with whole range of lenses. They save their money and buy on the long term. So it is nothing but logical that when at the moment a whole new flock of DSLR buyers is sticking to one or a couplew of lenses. THey are just getting started, in the coming years you will see these newcomers get used to the DSLR and will buy more and more suiting lenses.

Another thing is the walk around lens. Lenses like a tamron 18-250 provides you with long angle and reasonable zoom. So it covers the need for a lot of people. Lenses that are being bought and offer even more than the P&S cams they had before.

I think many people (I don't mean to include you here) wrongly think
that photographers posting in this forum are representative of the
typical A-mount user.


Sgtop thinking too much,.. like things about targetgroup etcetera.... There was a time only the professional photographers could afford an expensive SLR cam, with the lenses, and the dark room etcetera.

Even the enthusiasts, just shooting for a hobby, were often limited by budget. Everything was expensive, and the developping of films took time and money. With the digital revolution a whole new breed of photographers has come up. With different needs and different budgets. As the technology becomes more affordable new people will step into this segment (talking about DSLR). A great number of them will eventually go the same path we all did; they fall more in love with their hobby, will get more demands, and spend more money to fullfill their needs.

So what....??? Sometimes people in here talk about those new comers as if it is a group that is only there for the marfketing of brands, and they have nothing to do with "serious" photographing. I would say to those 'come of your high horse'. What does it matter where someone comes from or what he or she uses. If people show pictures in this forum and I happen to like them, I will say WOW. If people have questions, like newbies always have, I hope forums like this one offer them the possibility to ask questions and learn. IN the end it all comes down to liking what you do. And if one brand does not fit ya for one or more reason, leave it and go elsewhere. There are enough other brands with the same good cams. But stop thinking too much about what Sony has in mind when it does certain things, and stop coming up with consiracy theories, or always questioning the marketing policy of brands. pffff.... just had to say this
Cheers and enjoy shooting

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