Anyone here from Chicago? Need help

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Anyone here from Chicago? Need help

I'm posting this here because being the D3 forum, I figured I'd have a good chance of maybe finding a photographer or someone that lives in chicago.

Here's the problem (stay with me guys as I tend to do have long explanations). I have found myself a what I believe a very good and honest custom computer builder. I'm impressed with this guy, the way he talks and the fact that he's constantly looking to try to save me money by suggesting different configurations. Bottom line, he will do anything I want with NO limitations unlike the others that I've used before. Also, I checked his credentials and his customers (all 8 that I asked) have nothing but superlatives to say about him. Also from what I understand, he has great tech support.

Now, he is a small builder and cannot afford to lose money on someone scamming him so when I talked to him a few moments ago (yes, he's up this late about my computer and asked him how's he doing, I got concerned when he told me not well and I was told how he just got scammed out of a $4200 computer by some a*shole in Chicago.

What I'm asking here is if someone in Chicago wouldn't mind driving out to the address he sent the puter to and take a picture so I can see what it looks like. Ie, if it's an empty lot then UPS shouldn't have delivered and so on.

I told him to contact Chicago police because after all, IF someone at that address received a package, even if it wasn't for them, then if the cops knock on the door and say, hey, WHO received this package, they might actually give out that info. If the cops came to my door and I received a package FOR someone, trust me, i'd give this info out in a heartbeat.

By the way, the reason for my intro is that I hate for small hard working businesses/people to get scammed. More so than I would if a bigger company got scammed.

Anyway, the address is
6442 S Ingleside
Chicago, IL 60637

He's crosschecked the phone and address and they all come back with different names and since I'm not sure if I'm breaking laws doing that, I'll just post the address for now.

Thanks for any help and by the way, if someone wants a customer computer (any price), feel free to e mail Jeff at (I'm going to split the e mail up to hopefully foil bots looking for e mail addresses) ... JANTEBY @ aol . com

Thanks for any help and if you know any cops in Chicago, please let me know and I'll pass on Jeff's info to them or you can pass on their name to me and I'll give it to Jeff.

By the way, he's building a $4500 for me which I hope to have ready in a couple of weeks.


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