Who has the best hosting support w. support for Frontpage?

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Re: George, I am just having fun on the other thread

I did so no worries there.

Hey, i told the guy someone sent me to them and read to him what you said but he said that it is NOT true that only the primary account gets frontpage support so that's good.

As for overpaying, I'm not paying much which is why I moved to godday. Much cheaper than my original hosting company and much more storage and initially, I was happy with them but I guess as always, when they grew, their support got worse...MUCH WORSE

Here's my problem with migrating a FP site and this is from the guy at Bluehost. He says that he doesn't know of a way to move a FP site and making sure everything works without redoing the whole site and this obviously doesn't work for me on a 200 page site

I have to figure this one out first because I must have all the links working. I can't check a few hundred or more links..

gonzalu wrote:

hope you caught the gist of that

Anyhow, back to serious business... I truly encourage you to really
research this. I have gotten fleeced big time before I found Blue
Host and through my own thorough research figured they had the best
deal... I mean, you get so much for free.

If you must have FRONT PAGE extensions and DAV then only the primary
site supports it. If you can deal with just FTP for Front Page, then
the remaining sites will work too.

I can tell you these guys have excellent support and service has been
100% so far. The owner, Matt, regularly updates the user community on
what he is doing and what Blue Host is up to. His goal is to put all
other ISPs out of business at least the one's that take advantage
of folks.

I was once paying $60.00 a month for ONE SITE for what? I was getting
absolutely nothing from them (relatively)

Again, please take your time... go to their forums, ask around and
whatever you decide, at least you would have done your homework. I
wanted to just add to your decision tree...

Moving your sites should be fairly painless as long as you follow the
simple rules:

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Set up new ISP/Account
--Park your existing domain with the new ISP
--Upload your site
--Make the transfer.

Both sites are identical. Old site will remain up for the grace
period after the REGISTRAR transfer is initiated.

Once the process finishes and the new DNS is advertising, the CACHE
will kick in and some folks will see the old, some the new. I usually
leave 5 days after that on the old ISP just in case some people have
REALLY BAD DNS configs. Not all ISPs are the same. AT&T is notorious
for caches over the 48 hours typical on the web.
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