F100 samples and questions

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F100 samples and questions

I've just bought a black F100 refurb from Fuji UK. It arrived today and I took a few test shots. I've got so many questions I don't really know where to start!

First of all I was curious about which firmware version I have. Where do I look in PhotoMe? If it's "Version", the first item to be listed under the "Manufacturer notes" heading, then it's 1.3.0. Does that sound right? The date of manufacture is 26.4.08.

So far, there is no sign of any pink band.

First of all I set the camera to the same manual mode settings I use for the F31, including Auto (400) ISO. I was surprised to find that the camera mostly chose ISO 200 or 400. OK, it was a very dull overcast day, but the F31 almost always choses ISO 100, sometimes 200, in the same conditions.

Examples of a similar scene, taken at different times, to illustrate the point:

F100 chose ISO 400 for this:

Whereas the F31 chose ISO 100 for this, which was taken on an even duller day:

Am I seeing the DR function at work? I thought I must be, so I changed it from Auto DR to DR100. It made no difference. The camera still chose ISO 400 for most shots, including indoor flash ones. As they are amazingly low in noise I'm not that bothered. I just don't understand how the camera is working, or how to set it up properly. And, before I forget to mention it, the menus are a nightmare!

What settings are other owners using?

So, I gave up on settings and put the camera in Auto for a little jaunt around the town centre and shops this afternoon. Lots of good news about those shots! No blown highlights and no purple fringing! I took this one because it is the kind of scene that is usually guaranteed to produce one or the other with most cameras I have/have had:

There is no PF at all. ISO was 400 again. Another difficult scene with lots of shadow area. This time it chose ISO 200:

Another ISO 200. The sky had brightened by this time:

Then, just as I was beginning to think the camera wasn't capable of it, one turned out at ISO 100!

A couple more turned out at 100 ISO with the brighter sky, but I still don't understand why less bright scenes turn out at higher ISOs with the F100 than they have with any other camera I've used. I prefer lower ISO's as they are less noisy.

Before I move indoors to the shopping precinct, I want to mention that I'm very pleased that there are no soft corners, and that barrel distortion isn't as bad as it is with my Ixus 860. It's not as good as the TZ3, which has virtually none, but not bad.

Indoors, and ISO 800 isn't too bad:

ISO 400 is very good:

Lots of noise at ISO 1600, but also lots of detail. They might look decent enough in a 6 x 4 print:

Overall so far I'm quite impressed with this camera. There is tons of detail and low ISO images are very clean. I bought it as a carry everywhere camera and I can't wait to try it out in the sunshine!

A few more of todays pics are here, no PP on any of them:



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