Manual focus vs Auto focus

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Re: Manual focus vs Auto focus

linslus wrote:

Why would one want a manual focus lens instead of an auto focus one?


I like using fast glass but do not have a huge budget.

I have a 300 f2.8
135 f1.8
85 f1.8
50 f1.2
28 f2

plus a few others...all manual focus for my Pentax cameras...on a k100d they are all stabilized as well. I have a three auto focus zooms (one of which is rubbish) and a few other manual zooms.

How much would that lot cost for auto focus lenses? (if they where available to me anyway).

OH and I also have a magic little gadget that lets me auto focus all those lenses as well (with a 1.7x increase in focal length and decrease in aperture....that gives me a 510mm af stabilized 4.8 lens (how much would THAT cost as a lens by itself?)

My entire kit costs less than a single lens to cover just one of the longer focal lengths that I have.

I like using manual focus sometimes..amnd in really low light sometimes it is a must.


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