Let's talk workflow....

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Let's talk workflow....

Hey Gang,

I love photography but I hate post processing. I have tried to automate as much as I can. What I would love to do is to figure out how to automate cropping and levels adjustments. I only shoot gymnastics and at any given meet may shoot thousands of pictures so here is what I do.

1. Dump, rate, sort, organize NEFs
2. Open NX and set directory

3. This is the part I hate, having to deal with each individual picture. Adjust WB (if needed), Levels and Curves, Crop (can rarely compose in camera due to conditions), save version in nef then save nef.
4. Next, using NX, batch process all files to resize, NR, USM, convert to jpg
5. Import into photo reflect darkroom
6 publish to the web for resale

sometimes during the season I fall so far behind that people begin to get irritated and it is hard for most to understand that the images do not come out of the camera looking the way that they do when they receive them. So, for one meet, I took thousands of photos and just rated and sorted them, nothing else. Then I used darkroom to publish them to the web straight out of the camera with a note stating that adjustments to color, light, sharpening and cropping would be done upon ordering. That did not go over so well and sales definitely took a hit for that event.

How do you deal with large amounts of images that need to be processed?

Oh, and btw, before anybody says that I should do better with the camera so that I do not have to do so much PP, go and shoot gymnastics then come talk to me

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