K20D DPR Review - Highly Recommended (w/o "Just") !!!

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Re: K20D DPR Review! - but the same old shortcomings

philbarton wrote:

Any camera is only as good as its weakest points, if those "weakest
points" get in the way of using it as effectively as the competition.

What an interesting error in reasoning... Who gets to decide what matters to any given photographer? You? What you may find to be problematic may be inconsequential to someone else.

For example, I love to shoot landscapes, and I would trade detail and IQ for a high frame rate any time. If I could get a significantly better IQ by dropping the frame rate to 1 FPS, I'd be for it. Yet, to someone else, frame rate may be the holy grail. Who's to say what's best? I'm just glad Pentax choose IQ because that happens to fit what I want.

If you'd read the review (and it doesn't appear that you have from your comments...), I think you would find that it was fairly objective. Where there were concerns or issues, they were discussed in terms of their significance to photography. After all, that is why most people buy cameras, right???... to use them for photography, and not for the purpose comparing sometimes meaningless issues that are all too often discussed ad nauseam in this forum.

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