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Check this first

I don't know what an S5 Pro is, but hopefully it is pro enough to handle high trigger voltage from the flashgun. You need to ascertain the voltage across the hotshoe. This may not be a problem for you as you apparently haven't fried anything yet i.e. the flash will go flash when you press the button on the camera.

The camera also needs to be pro enough to have manual settings for aperture, shutter, and ISO.

The flash may be manual, but if it is less than forty years old it will be an automatic. You can tell that if it has a little round window on the front, which is the auto sensor, which probably has a little slider or dial nearby, probably with coloured dot marks. White usually sets it to manual.

All the instruction you need are on the back of the flashgun. Set the ISO on the dial thereon to ISO or Asa 100.

The flash dial then tells you the aperture to use. You usually have a choice, indicated by coloured marks corresponding to the aforementioned dial on the front.

Set the camera to 1/125, , ISO 100 and the aprture the flash tells you, probably f4 or f8. Most cameras will fire an external flash irrespective of other settings but make sure yours will too.

Even if you set the flash wrong, unlikely, you will get a result and any corrections will be obvious enough.

monkeyrpn wrote:

I'm having lots of problems with Vivitar DF340Z I borrowed from my
dad. It doesn't come with any manual... so I'm at lost at how to
operate it. I'm using it with my S5 Pro. I have very little
experience with using flash... are there any recommended reference
books out there that will explain some basics of using external flash?

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