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OK, I'm gonna be greedy here.

I can't seem to manage NOT to participate in this thread, even if it costs me some sleep...

Anyway, I was going to be greedy.
Because I want C&C on not one but three images no less !

Here's the story.
Last Saturday I participated in the FNAC Fotomarathon.

That is a contest organized in several Belgian cities simultaneously, and it consist of a challenge to deliver in a very short time frame pictures out-of-camera (without PP) that fit certain themes.

You (teams of 2 persons) start at 9.30 hours and are given a first theme and a destination.

Within the next three hours you need to reach that destination and deliver for upload two images (not more, not less), fitting the theme and straight OOC (so basically 1 image per theme per photographer, unless you have an unbalanced team).

Then you get the next theme and destination, where you are expected within the next three hours for the same exercize.
And then a third time.

A jury judges all entries and winners (per theme and one overall best image) are announced by 20.00 hours at a reception in City Hall.

Big fun. We didn't win.

But here are my three entries. In order to preserve the OOC challenge, I didn't do any PP, not even cropping. Just resized for the WWW.

Let us see that you can be as brutal as those judges.

First challenge : theme was "Stone".

Second challenge : theme was "Extreme" (expand to view).

(Maybe you should know : this is the Police Tower (an Antwerp landmark), and it it looks like this, as all Antwerp inhabitants know : http://www.pienternet.be/pano/oudaan/info.html )

Third challenge : theme was "Tasty"

(And that guy is eating french (actually Belgian) fries with mayo, which is something like our national fast snack)

Shoot !!

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