Nikon D40 exposure scale, reversed???

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Re: Nikon D40 exposure scale, reversed???

Elvis2000 wrote:

Apologies in advance if this is a waste of space or time.....
Is it just me, but is the D40 exposure meter scale pretty illogical
in that the negative is to the right? I'm sure my F90X and F80 were
positive to the right.

Nikon has a long history of + to the left, - to the right, and that goes back to the F4/N8008 and all models since. The reason is simple: for lenses that have an aperture ring, you turn the top of the aperture ring the direction you want to influence exposure (left means more +, right means more -). They really did think this through.

Because of some of the recent complaints (and the fact that an aperture ring is no longer on new lenses), Nikon provides an option to reverse the scale on the higher end models.

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