Nikon D700 Real photo leaked! Bulit in FLASH confirm???

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looks good to me, legitimate

Osku wrote:

saminda wrote:

Here's a gif from David Chin's shot:

Look at the terminal cover on the right side of the "D700" fake,
light comes like as reflection from table to the round parts in the
front but there is no other part that gets this reflection, also the
same parts around the corner get only light from upwards. Obvious
fake, light can not hit that part that way. The 7 in the strap is
obvious fake but this is even more so.

Hmm, looking good to me. Differences:

1) bottom right side shows the camera is taller. Check it goes further down.

2) Prism top is more curved, a bit taller, clear now with animation.

3) Hinged covers.

4) The D300 is closer to camera IMO, overall D700 looks larger, if you take into account all details, right bottom, prism top and also shutter button (it looks smaller on D700), it seems that D700 was shot further from camera as D300 in these images.

5) If this is a fake, very well-done, w/o the obvious imense prism top many expected, a bit taller. It also confirms the image that was leaked from the printing office before.

Unless someone points some clear PS effect to me, I'm buying this is legit.
Regards, Renato.
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