D300 w/70-300mm VR, Tamrac 5533?

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I've bought lots of Tamrac Bags.....

...and it always seems that whatever they recommend size-wise always seems to be one size too small. I've usually found that the next bag size up works perfect for me.

This has happened to me a number of times, with various bags for DSLRs, P&S, and lenses, and I've always been better off with the next size up. I must have at least 12 bags by now (mostly Tamrac, some LowePro), for varoius cameras and gear combinations.

As others have said, it's best to try them out in the store with your own gear. Look up the recommended bag for your gear using their cheatsheet, then look at bags one size up and down, just to be sure. Personally, I'd rather have a bag that's a little too big vs. too small.

One of my favorites is my Tamrac TA5627B 5627 Pro Digital Zoom 7 Holster, which fits my D200 w/18-200VR or D300 w/16-85 perfectly, with a bit of room for the strap too.

I always use a Tamrac N-27 Boomerang Quick Release Strap for my SLRs and DSLRs instead of the one that comes with the camera. It's much more comfortable.

And I really need to replace my 16 year old Tamrac 607, so I got a LowePro SlingShot 200AW, but I still like the 607 better. Lots of folks prefer LowePro over Tamrac, but for some reason, Tamrac bags always seem to work better for me.

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