F20 is water resistant - anyone know how much more can it stand ?

Started Jun 9, 2008 | Discussions thread
bearzimages Senior Member • Posts: 1,150
Loch Ness

When diving in Loch Ness I always take my fuji f20 along. Besides you never know when Nessie will surprise you, or where she'll pop up! It's an amazing camera. Incidentally when exploring the Bermuda Triangle last year, my f20 was mistaken by a giant Sea Snail as an exotic sanck. With astounding luck the Sea Snail to my good fortune, had discovered my fuji was in fact a camera. With haste he retrurned my trusty old fuji f20 as soon as he could. Of course I saved the old fellow face, & thanked him profusely for saving my camera & priceless holiday piccies!

The Morale of the story is, always carry Giant Sea Snail snacks when poking about the Bermuda Triangle.

'To use a camera as a means of artistic expression, a certain quality of spirit must be brought to aid light & air' -Bayard Wootten 1926


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