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Re: Surprised to still see this thread


I understand your points in the sections of your recent post that I have included below. However, the impression that I got from your original post was more that it was to "show" us your photographs than to make a technical point relevant to what is typically regarded as a technical discussion forum.

Please note that I am not at all implying that only technical issues are important and that aesthetic discussion is not interesting. In truth, that is the opposite of my point of view. However, in THIS forum it seems to me that the primary focus is not on purely aesthetic issues but on discussion of the very important technical aspects of photography with the 1-Series and 5D cameras.

You did mention that your photographs would be reproduced at quite large sizes - and my own experience with the 5D and good lenses makes me agree that this is possible - but the photos, as interesting as they are, do not really do anything to support that point. If you want to support that point with photographs, rather than just posting some photos taken with a 5D - as many of us could do - perhaps you could provides us with something that demonstrates the possibility of such large reproductions. Some suggestions:

1. Photos of full size reproductions on location after installation.

2. Close images of sections showing the excellent quality at 100% in these large prints.

As I'm certain you know, a small jpg image of your images cannot possibly enlighten us in any way about the 5D's ability to produce images suitable for such large prints. Perhaps you have had the same unfortunate experience that I have had on occasion of creating an image that looks really fine at 600 x 600 pixels on the screen only to find that it would not even stand up to printing at 12" x 18" - in my case it was photographer error rather than equipment issues.

I think that the fact that virtually all posters responded to your photographs on an aesthetic basis (whether positively or negatively) reinforces my observation that if you intended your message as a post about "enlargability" rather than one that shared your photographs virtually no one else saw it that way.


proudfather wrote:

Did I post these images to "show off?" Are the other 1.4 million
images posted on the 5D forum solely for show-off? Why does anyone
post images here for that matter? This is a camera forum. I'm
illustrating what I did with the camera...and specified the lens to
boot. Why is that so unclear? Or perhaps this forum should be
reserved solely for technical jargon and we should forgo the ability
to illustrate with examples the the camera's capabilities.

Please read my post. I'm highlighting the fact that the 5D can
accommodate prints up to 4' x 8', not how the images can be
manipulated. These images were processed in part to compensate for
flatness in the printing methods used by the graphics company. For
example, one of the images will be printed on a 4x8 foot piece of
lexatrans and will be back lit on the ceiling via fluorescent lights.
Another will be blown up to 4x4 foot square on matte canvas, which
will render it flatter than shown. I have experience with this
graphics company and am altering the contrast and saturation as
indicated. But yes, I am also seeking a more artistic rendition of

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