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Re: The D2x...

It almost does, but the D2xs has a bigger LCD (more like the D200's) and has a grayed out of the unused area in crop mode. The firmware adds all the other features like auto ISO, etc.

I own both the D200 and D2x, while the IQ is definitely better on D2x when you look at photos on the D200 LCD screen you get fooled into thinking the IQ is better on the D200. AF is definitely faster on the D2x, better build, audio recording, etc. I guess it depends on the price and what features you need. High ISO is a half to a full stop better on the D200, but with PP on the larger D2x RAW files they are actually quite close.

Have you looked at the D300? If Nikon announces a D700 as rumored, you may find D300s showing up on the used market.

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