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My (temporary) solution

I'm going to keep the F100, at least until they bring out a replacement (assuming it's better).

I really do love the daylight performance - the lack of artefacts, the colours (especially on trees/grass) and the lens sharpness has made me keep it. For the first time I am genuinely taking a compact cam out when previously nothing but my 20D would have made me happy. There's no better daylight compact cam for me, I'm sure.

Is the low-light pinkness still there? Yes, on darker subjects at 200 ISO upwards. So for night-time shots at this year's festivals, I'll probably get a Canon A650IS to take as well. It's not wide angle, but that's OK. I'm not personally a fan of the Panasonic image look, as I do tend to use pictures after the event to see what I might have missed at the time. I'm not what I think people call a "pixel peeper", or am I? I look at 100% to see what was actually in the scene I shot, not how well the camera performed. So any camera which doesn't perform well at 100% doesn't make me happy. Although the Canon is a little bit "bloomier" and the overall image has a few % less realism and sharpness than the Fuji, I'll manage.

That's my temporary compromise, anyway!

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