Who wears varifocal glasses?

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Re: Who wears varifocal glasses?

I've had good luck myself with the vari-focal lenses. However, when I talked with the people at my optometrist's office about photochromic lenses, there were some things that bugged me:

They don't work in cars, or generally any place where there is glass between you and the sun which filters out the UV. The lenses darken when exposed to UV light; your windshield does a good job of filtering UV out. So they suggested a pair of sunglasses left inside the car.

Also, I'm not too sure about photochromic lenses and a computer screen; I had trouble using the vari-focal lenes with the computer screen and eventually got single vision lenses corrected for the computer screen distance. These aren't as expensive as the vari-focal, but they do add to your cost.

This is the second set of vari-focal glasses I've had (second frames; I replaced lenses a time or two in the last 5-6 years). I chose to do the same thing I did with my first glasses; buy a frame with dedicated clip-on sunglasses. These are a total rip-off price wise (I'm told $100 to replace), but are really very convenient. The clips attach magnetically to the frame, and are very unlikely to get knocked off - the magnets are fairly strong. The clips are polarized, and so they of course cause interference with reading the camera LCD - you have to look at the right angle to read the LCD (the wrong angle will have you thinking the LCD failed).

I believe my lenses are Zeiss...

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