64 bit vista or XP?

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Re: 64 bit vista or XP?

calson wrote:

You will gain access to more memory with 64 bit Vista or XP64 but
none of that extra memory will be used by Photoshop so there is not
much point. With Vista you also lose 50% of the performance of the
box running any application which makes it even more foolish as a
choice for processing images.

So you can have slower performance, more device driver problems, more
expense, less availability from 3rd party vendors, including Adobe
and Nikon, and spend more money. This made so much sense to me I
bought a Mac Pro running OS X.

Of course, as usual, these "problems" are widely overstated. On a 4GB vista box, CS3 will have access to 3.25GB of RAM. Driver problems are generally the fault of the device vendor, not the OS supplier and by now are quite rare as would be expected of any new OS this long following it's initial release. As far as more RAM allocation for Photoshop goes, at least according to Adobe, CS4 will run native 64 under Windows, but remain 32bit for OSX.

Vista is a perfectly functional option for processing images, as is XP, as is OSX, etc. etc.

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