A350 Review Shows DPR BIAS

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Re: A350 Review Shows DPR BIAS

At this point i own a minolta 5d Because of my lens i was going to upgrade to a sony 100. But i skipped that because it wasn't a upgrade. So i waited. Next i was going to get the a200. But it feels like a plastic toy. Then the 350 came around After feeling how plastic it feel it's nothing like the old minolta cameras. It's cheap. The live view finder feels like it will fall off at any second. Or at very least stop holding it self up after year. the number one factor is they bad high iso noise. I take a lot of low night motions shots and i use it.

I will be selling all my lens and i will be getting a d90. I would just buy the d300 but it's way to heavy for me. d80 is just like my 5d. Good weight good options nice feel. I'm hoping the d90 will be all this and get high iso noise levels.

I love the sony colors but i can't take it anymore.

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