Quality of "PROFESSIONAL" cameras too high!!

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Re: Quality of "PROFESSIONAL" cameras too high!!

Last year I attended a niece's high school graduation ceremony, which was held in the Air Force Academy basketball arena.

Not too surprisingly, this being on a military facility, everyone was forced to pass through metal detectors, and all bags were being searched. Pretty much like airport security.

When I put my camera bag on the table to be searched, I was asked if I had 'any lenses longer than 4 inches'. Such lenses were disallowed, though no reason was forthcoming.

I pointed to the D200, which had an 18-200vr mounted, and noted that it was 'just under 4 inches'. They accepted that, and thankfully didn't ask me to zoom it out!

I neglected to mention the 400F5.6 lens in the bag (Tamrac 709), which was underneath the top layer of dividers, and could only be accessed via a zippered flap in the rear of the bag. They didn't find it, and I took most of the shots of the venue with that lens, in plain sight, sometimes leaning against a rail near the corner of the gym where anyone could see the lens easily.

Who knows what is going on? I'm assuming that a) bigger lenses could actually be bombs in disguise, or b) bigger lenses could take close enough shots that the paid photographers would lose sales. Definition for my venue was 'lenses longer than 4 inches'. Definition for yours was 'removable'. Perhaps you should have said you had a new ZLR, which looks like a pro camera, but which had non-removable lenses!

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