Do we have better macro subjects than ugly bugs?

Started Jun 8, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Re: I think, we haven't

ns66 wrote:

civciv wrote:

IMO nothing can be more exciting and interesting other than bugs.
Because they are alive. They eat, drink, work, walk, fly, kill. They
are like humans.

yes i respect their bug-right, but their hair etc make me lose

Try taking a true macro of your own scalp and view it at 100%!

If the vertebrates (including us) all vanished tomorrow most of the insect world would just keep on trucking along...but if the reverse happened we'd all be dead inside a year.

There is incredible detail to be seen. F'instance, I never knew a bumblebees foot was so complex...

good suggestions so far, keep them coming...

How about a friendly bird?


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