Still wish I had high speed sync - 1 pic

Started Jun 14, 2008 | Discussions thread
OP Ciaran Whyte Contributing Member • Posts: 648
Short shutter speed IS how you over power the sun

Using a short/fast shutter speed is how you over power the sun! The shoter the shutter actuation, then the less ambient light gets in. This also helps when wanting to shoot wide open. Obviously if you're stuck using 1/250 then in this case in order to shoot wide open, you'd need to use an ND grad.

marin wrote:

Heh, that's true.

The strobist post triggered some experimentation that resulted in
finding that HSS is only useful is you need a short shutter speed.

All other cases, like needing to overpower the sun, or needing to
shoot wide open, are better solved at synch speed, and maybe with an
ND filter on the lens.

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