Another 5D pricing thread

Started Jun 18, 2008 | Discussions thread
bluefox9er Senior Member • Posts: 1,881
Re: Another 5D pricing thread

carlk wrote:
It should not be limited to only people who bought their 5D in the
last 3 month. My guess is there will be enough improvements a lot of
current 5D owners will want to upgrade. They will still be ahead of
the game considering the other choice they had at the time was 1DsII.

bluefox9er wrote:

wouldn't be surprised if a BUNCH of people who have purchased their
5ds in the last 3 months or so will ebay them the same moment the
'new' 5d is announced..they might well be cheap..

infact i'll guarantee that that will be the case.

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probably the same 5d owners who think anyone willing to wait for the mkII instead of buying a 5d immedeatly as being insane.

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