What do you do with your older Dslr.s?

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Re: Sell em quick!

I remember reading a photo magazine in 2005 when I saw the first ad for a D2x. My first thought was wow this is amazing and when I saw the first large format print drying on the floor at my retailer from a D2X I was awestruck.

Well I just bought a D2X with less than 1000 frames for $1400 and as far as I can tell it still takes the same type of photo. I'll use it to make money and for pleasure just like my D2Hs and D2H all of which I bought second hand in great condition for a fraction of the price. So when I do sell them eventually for even less money than I paid because everyone wants the D6 or D7 it won't hurt so bad. At that time I'll probably buy a D3 for $1400 and move happily on.

And yes I'm also a victim because I have owned D1h, D70 and D200 that I paid retail for and sold cheaply but they all made me money while I owned them. If I had to fund these purchases out of the family account instead of the photography account I'd likely be single and lonely by now. The camera makers like the golf club makers and other popular retail items have used wonderful psychology in their marketing to make us believe that if we don't have the lastest we are incapable of performing.

I call it boys (and girls) needing toys.

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