Do we have better macro subjects than ugly bugs?

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Re: ingenuity of these lids?

they are negro bugs: Thyreocoridae

I was amazed when I first saw the complexity of their cocoons. It goes far beyond the spider web complexity.

"These are very small dark brown or black bugs. They are shiny and spheroid-shaped like Lady Beetles, but smaller. Negro Bugs are either completely absent, or appear in large numbers on flowers, where they suck nectar. They are selective in the flowers they visit; Pycnanthemum spp. (Mountain Mints) and Solidago spp. (Goldenrods) are preferred sources of nectar."

"This insect is usually found near grasses, weeds andshrubs where they mostly feed on flowers and seeds. Some species of thisfamily cause injury to plants including food crops and ornamentals. Femalenegro bugs attach their eggs with a sticky substance on plants. After hatchingimmature larvae feed on plants along side of the adult insects. Some authorsuse the family name Cormelaenidae, but the family name Thyreocoridae is olderand is accepted as the proper name (Froeschner, 1843). Three genera occur inNorth America--Cydnoides, Galgupha, Corimelaena, all of which occur in theeastern United States (Uhler, 1872).
Genera. East Lansing, Michigan: The MichiganEntomologist."

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