Canon answer to the TZ5?

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Re: Canon answer to the TZ5?

Sequoia wrote:

I think that's the info I was missing - the relation between zoom,
sensor size, and form factor. I did not understand that the zoom had
anything to do with it. I learn something new almost every day on
this forum.

The same principles apply to every lens ever made. Take a look at the largest lenses out there. They are all telephoto lenses, and the "faster" the lens, the larger and heavier it is. Those same principles apply to even the tiniest P&S cameras The more sensor you need to project an image upon, the larger then lens required to do it. Take the inner tube from a paper towel roll. Now cut a rectangle that fits inside the bounderies of that tube. Imagine that as a lens/sensor combination. Now double the size of the rectangle, and stick it behind the roll. See, the "lens" no longer projects the image to the entire sensor. Time for a larger lens. And a larger body to hold it. Same principle in photography.

A bit of background: I'm a stay-at-home dad and I need a small,
versatile camera to take pictures primarily of our 19-month-old
daughter. She is extremely difficult to photograph, she just moves
too fast! I don't have time for post-processing, I generally just
take snapshots and dump them on my hard drive. I don't even print
that many right now, and the biggest I've ever printed was 8x10. But
overall image quality is very important to me.

I have a two and a half year old. If you think shooting pictures of your daughter is difficult now....just wait. I have only two cameras which are capable of shooting quality pictures of him with the speed necessary to pull it off. The first one is my Fuji F31, which is barely adequate. It is also the most competent low light P&S camera in existence. The second one is my SLR. That's (usually) effective, but he often moves too fast for even that. Now, you'll catch a break by having a daughter over the hurricane of destruction I have with a boy, but the challenges you face shooting her are only going to grow worse.

I think these responses have probably just reinforced that I made the
right decision with the TZ5. I'll just have to spend time learning to
use it, especially in low-light situations, inside, at dusk, etc. I
much prefer natural light over using the flash, but I know that's
going to be more difficult with these newer cameras.

The TZ5 is a very fine camera, and probably no worse than any other point and shoot (excepting the Fuji F10-40 line) in lower light. Just understand that you are in for a challenge that many experienced photographers aren't will to accept when you are trying to combine shooting a toddler in low light with this class of camera. This equipment really isn't designed for fast shooting in low light. It can be done, but expect a high proportion of "miss" in the hit or miss category.

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