A real P&S ISO dilemma. Help.

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Re: A real P&S ISO dilemma. Help.

(Do you really mean S2? That camera is 3 years older...) I have a S2 and an A650. The S2 is awful at ISO 400 ("only for emergencies"). I use it a lot at ISO 200, taking advance of the very "fast" lens. The A650 must use ISO 800 to get acceptable shutter time in the same situation. (I often go to small concerts where I have to stay in the back of the room to shoot without disturbing other people, and then 6x-12x zoom is required).

The comparison should be between S5 and A590, which are "same generation" cameras. Then the IQ will be comparable, even if the S5 also has the much faster zoom lens which comes in very handy for low light shooting. The selection of camera then comes down to factors like transportability - the S5 is so big that you have to plan taking it with you.

Another factor is the video, where the S cameras are much more versatile than any other Canon still camera (ok, TX1...). Zoom during recording, and super sound.

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