Don't update to the 1.01 firmware! It breaks autofocus

Started Jun 17, 2008 | Discussions thread
OP candidasa Regular Member • Posts: 145
It gets even weirder

Well, I've cleaned the lens and mount contacts, re-downloaded and re-run the firmware update but the problem is unchanged. I think it is hardly a co-incidence that one minute the SDM AF works fine, then I update the firmware and suddenly it can't focus on anything anymore.

However, I've now discovered something even more bizarr. When I switch on live view with the 16-50mm lens attached shake reduction now kicks into overdrive. It sounds just like the mirror cleaning phase at start-up, loud clunking, but it is continuous. I can see the live view image bouncing all over the place. Turning the shake reduction off with the switch on the back makes no difference. It still does the shake reduction overdrive. Turning the lens and body to MF also makes no difference.

However, if I attach an older MF-only lens everything works fine. Live view is normal. Unfortunately, I don't have any other SDM lenses to test this on.

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